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The Future of Franchising

Did you know the most three pointers Larry Bird ever made in a single season was 90? The Hall of Famer, three-time winner of the three-point contest, and shooter who is regarded as one of the best scorers of all time, maxed out at 90 threes in a season; and that led the league. That’s barely more than one a game! Now consider that in the 2018-2019 season there were 117 NBA players who hit 90 or more threes. AND these aren’t all-stars. In fact, Terrence Ross hit 217 threes in 2018-19 and never started a game! There are only 30 teams in the league, so that breaks down to almost 4 players per team who hit 90 plus. In 2016, Steph Curry hit 91 threes over the span of a single month.


So why are we talking about Larry Bird on a franchising website? Because the game has changed. If you are still trying to sell franchises the same way you did in 1995, you’re losing. If you’re still trying to sell franchises the same way as you were in 2010 or 2015, you are losing!


At Better Way Franchise Group, we are bringing franchising into the 21st century. Our process will help you sell more franchises faster, and be more profitable than you thought was possible. You want to perform better than your competitors? You want to grow your brand fast? We are the people for you. Shoot us an email, text, or give us a call and let us show you a Better Way!

The Team

Ryan Combe

Managing Partner

Ryan is an efficiency fanatic who loves finding solutions to difficult problems.


Ryan has spent his entire career in franchising. He has been a CEO, Senior VP, Franchisee, and almost anything else you can do within a franchise concept. Launching his first concept in 2007, in only 18 months he grew the brand to over 20 units open and over 80 units sold. Since then, Ryan has worked with dozens of franchise brands in all industries and sold thousands of franchises. Never short on ideas, his constant search for a better way has lead him to be asked to serve on the Marketing and Innovation Committee of the International Franchise Association.


Ryan is married and has 3 kids. He loves traveling with his family, reading, eating good food, and cheering for the Utah Jazz.

Colt Florence

VP of Sales and Development

Colt is extremely motivated and has a desire to be successful in all aspects of life and business. His drive is exactly what every brand wants in a sales position.


Colt graduated with a Bachelors degree in Applied Sciences/ Professional Sales,  where he was ranked as the top sales recruit in the State of Utah and a top 20 recruit for the U.S. He has held multiple sales positions in various industries. Most recently, he was responsible for a 250% increase in annual revenue. Since joining Better Way Franchise Group, Colt has been on FIRE! He has brought many great ideas to our brands and is quickly becoming an expert in franchise development.


Colt is recently married and has two dogs. He loves skiing, learning, basketball and watching movies with his wonderful wife. 

Hayden Shaw

Marketing Manager

Hayden has spent his professional career helping brands not only improve their public image, but helping them expand their reach across the country. This has been through marketing, social media, and the refinement of lead generation techniques.

Hayden is currently studying Marketing at Weber State University. Throughout the progress of his degree, Hayden worked on the digital marketing team for one of the biggest names in the outdoor industry. After his success with his previous job Hayden decided to use his knowledge and techniques to grow franchises. Hayden is skilled in digital media creation, video/audio editing, web design, and content writing. He loves to see created content generate desired results and help move brands forward.


Hayden is soon to be married to his girlfriend of four years. He enjoys skiing, playing volleyball, and the occasional video game. 

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