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Our Method


WHY: Why do we do what we do? Companies shouldn’t have to bribe firms to help them grow. We want to help your company grow! We honestly believe in what you are doing and what you stand for, and want to be your partners. We believe in your vision and will get others to see it.

HOW: We believe in analytics and efficiency. The idea of casting a large net and catching as many fish as possible, then sifting through to find the decent fish, is dead. With today's technology, every company should be able to find out who their target audience is, and know the best way to approach them. Through the data and analytics, we have consistently improved franchise sales, while decreasing the expenses that come along with it.

WHAT: It is plain and simple, we sell franchises. Through constant innovation, we are continually striving. Whether it be handling the entire sales cycle, stepping in throughout, or just consulting when it is needed, WE WILL HELP YOU SELL FRANCHISES.

What Sets Us Apart

We’ve discovered a Better Way. A way of zeroing in on a target, the right target, and presenting to them in a way they want to receive information. Quality over quantity is the only effective strategy for generating leads. We’re not trying to get thousands of leads that will never close. We’re getting the RIGHT LEADS that lead to a deal. We’re not spending six months with candidates. The majority of our deals are signed within 30 days. We are using the technology of today, to find, educate, and sell to people ready to make a decision and become successful franchisees. Below is a simplified version of what we do.


  1. We will help you create a direct and concise marketing campaign that highlights the “why” of your brand.

  2. We will identify who your target candidate is and the target geographical areas that fit your expansion plan.

  3. Using our proven methods, we will target your specific candidate and create a “meant to be moment.”

  4. Then we target them again.

  5. And again.

  6. And Again.

  7. Then, our perfect candidate will assume that the only reason they continue to see your brand “everywhere” is because it must be “meant to be” for them to become a franchisee; before someone else beats them to it.

  8. We will create materials that allow each candidate to educate themselves with information provided and controlled by you.

  9. We will then close the deal in half the time you thought was possible.

  10. Your brand will grow exponentially and you will become more successful than you thought was possible.


Give us 10 minutes to show you what we can do for your brand, or call us and tell us why we’re wrong. Either way, we want to talk to you!

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