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Better Way Franchise Group launches and “First Generation Franchise Grant” progra

Today, Better Way Franchise Group announces the launch of website and “First Generation Franchise Grant” program.

Ogden, UT ­– Better Way Franchise Group has launched its newest service for aspiring entrepreneurs. is the perfect place to find and research top franchise concepts in a single place. The unique aspect of is that all of the brands listed require no storefront location, an investment under $100k, and can be launched in 60 days or less.

“The focus with is to gather the best low-cost franchise concepts all in one place,” says Ryan Combe, Managing Partner at Better Way Franchise Group. “All of our research leads us to believe that low cost service brands are the future. The rapidly rising cost of commercial real estate, lack of access to capital, and employee shortages are making it more and more difficult to operate what most people consider a traditional franchise. These cheaper brands focus on home service industries and business services like coaching, small business lending, and property management.” launches at a time when franchise options are at an all-time high. Placing the brands that have unique takes and positions within their marketplace was key to the Better Way team.

“We wanted brands that can be operated with a single person and grow from there,” Combe says. “To be featured on this new site we sought out the best brands that fill major holes in a specific marketplace. Most of these require minimal equipment and have a very fast day to first dollar.”

In the spirit of continuing to provide entrepreneurial opportunities, Better Way Franchise Group is donating part of the proceeds from each franchise sold to their “First Generation Franchise Grant” program. This program provides first generation entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a franchise. Better Way Franchise Group will cover a portion or in some cases the entire cost to launch the business.

“We want to provide opportunities to individuals who otherwise may not have the resources or support team to start a business," Combe says. "A franchise system, particularly the brands featured on, provide the training and ongoing support to allow a first generation business owner the chance to really succeed. We will be finding the most deserving individuals who are ready to change the future.”

“We’re excited to have these wonderful options available all in one place,” Combe said. “ is a great place to come and find the right brand for you and start the business that you always wanted.”

About Better Way Franchise Group:

Better Way is a leading franchise development firm that houses years of franchise and sales experience. Together the team has sold thousands of franchises and grown brands from the very beginning to large multi-unit companies. Visit to see more about how Better Way takes franchise concepts to the next level.

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