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Better Way Franchise Group is bringing the revolutionary technology of Braandz to franchising chains


Better Way Franchise Group is bringing the revolutionary technology of Braandz to franchising chains everywhere

Ogden, Utah, October 17, 2018 – Better Way Franchise Group is excited to announce that they have partnered with Braandz, an innovative technology company based out of California, to bring the Braandz revolutionary gift card payment services to franchising brands and chains everywhere.

Braandz innovative technology makes it possible for merchants to accept gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and hundreds more. This enables Restaurants, Retailers, eCommerce, and Phone Order merchants to honor these for their full value. The Braandz platform is easily adapted to any business model, and can be implemented into the Point of Sale Systems, eCommerce sites, phone order processes or in conjunction with the Braandz app. It allows customers to use unused and potentially unwanted gift cards at their favorite stores and restaurants.

“There are over $45 Billion in unused gift cards in American homes,” says Ryan Combe, managing partner at Better Way Franchise Group. “For whatever reason, they aren’t being used. What if those consumers could use those cards at their favorite restaurants or clothing stores regardless of where the gift card is from? This is what Braandz provides customers.”

Braandz has partnered with Better Way Franchise Group to bring the concept to larger franchise chains and service businesses. This type of chain-wide integration would potentially serve millions of people at thousands of locations. The roll out to a complete franchise system is just as easy as it is for a single location.

“The marketing advantage that you can gain from implementing Braandz into your point of sale is huge,” says Combe. “This is an untapped revenue stream that is easy to market to customers. Who wouldn’t love to bring in old gift cards from stores or restaurants that you don’t care to visit and get something that you actually want?”

You can contact Better Way Franchise Group for more information about implementing Braandz into your franchise system or business.

About Better Way Franchise Group Better Way Franchise Group is a franchise consulting firm that helps companies grow faster, smarter and better than they thought possible. The company’s proven track record of decreasing costs while increasing revenue helps franchisors on track to double and even triple digit growth, year-over-year. Specializing in everything from development consulting to full-scale development outsourcing, even supporting clients during times of transition, Better Way Franchise Group is revolutionizing the franchise sales industry. For more information about Better Way Franchise Group visit


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